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HooRii Tech’s HooRiiOS Supports Manufacturers Solve Matter Device Mass Production Calibration Challe

Matter is an emerging smart home standard that enables interconnectivity between devices from different brands and ecosystems. Since its release in October last year, Matter has been supported and participated by thousands of companies worldwide, including some heavyweights. These vendors are actively investing technical resources to develop and produce Matter-compliant products, hoping to gain a foothold in the new smart home market.

However, the introduction of the Matter standard also brings some challenges to smart home device manufacturers. Since Matter devices need to have the ability to interconnect across brands and ecosystems, each Matter device needs to have a unique DAC certificate to ensure that Matter devices are uniquely identifiable.

For smart home device manufacturers, there is no DAC certificate in the past manufacturing process, resulting in a lot of products that have been certified by Matter without a matching DAC certificate for mass production.

Even though some companies realize the importance of the DAC certificate at the early stage of R&D and obtain the DAC certificate in time, they are faced with another problem: how to check the validity of the burned DAC certificate?

Due to the past production experience can not adapt to the new production mechanism, most of the current mass production products do not have matching DAC inspection equipment. This has led to a decrease in the yield rate of the production line, a decrease in production efficiency, and an increase in cost.

HooRiiOS is an IoT commercial operating system for the IoT field that supports multi-core and multi-SoC. It not only helps developers to rapidly develop Matter devices, but also provides DAC certificate issuance and verification functions. In order to solve the above problems, HooRii Tech makes an upgrade to the mass production function in HooRiiOS.

With HooRiiOS's mass production feature, developers can modify the physical production line at the hardware and software level, and utilize the DAC verification tool to check and spot-check the mass-produced Matter devices, thus improving product quality and production efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that HooRiiOS is also the IoT operating system that supports multi-chip platforms in the Matter ecosystem. HooRiiOS provides rich API interfaces and sample codes for the Matter ecosystem, supports Zero-code modules, and improves the delivery baseline of the Matter solution to help developers efficiently build the Matter product from 0 to 1. HooRiiOS can provide rich API interfaces and sample codes for Matter ecosystem.

HooRiiOS is configured with a number of application features to improve development efficiency, such as the HooRiiOS automated testing tool, which helps developers conduct comprehensive prototype testing and validation, effectively reducing the workload of manual testing, compressing testing costs, and improving testing efficiency.

HooRiiOS provides Matter over Thread turnkey solution, reducing developers' investment in Thread development.

Developers can also inherit Matter or Thread certifications through HooRiiOS to further reduce development costs. For self-certified developers, HooRiiOS also provides certification consulting and testing services to help developers better understand the Matter technical specifications, certification process, certification requirements, etc., which provides key support for product launch and ensures that products can successfully pass the certification process in the market.

As the Matter ecosystem continues to improve, more developers will join the Matter ecosystem, and HooRiiOS will introduce richer, more convenient and efficient features to benefit more Matter developers and help the whole industry chain to complete the rapid upgrade.


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