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Thread is a low-power wireless IPv6 self-assembly protocol based on open standards that enables secure and simple interconnection between hundreds of devices, between devices and the cloud or between users, improving low-power connectivity scenarios in homes, and businesses with low power consumption, low latency, high reliability, and high security.

Based on Thread protocol, HooRii Technology's module product series, equipped with the unique HooRiiOS system, can support application layer capabilities including Matter over Thread and LWM2M over Thread, providing a one-stop solution for device manufacturers in different industries with plate cross multiple cores, and multiple application layers.

Thread+BLE+WiFi CoExist Tech

Coexist technology for three networks in the 2.4G Hz band, HooRii's original and self-developed


Inter-device HyperFabric

Spatial proximity interoperability technology between HooRii OS devices for autonomous discovery, automatic networking and spontaneous interconnection


Chip-Chained Secure Fasten

HooRii provides security binding reinforcement based on its own chips, adding chip-level security protection to device OS


HooRiiOS reduces development costs for device manufacturers and improves the customer-facing software delivery baseline for chip originators, allowing customers to customize software and hardware solutions for standard Matter over Thread devices without the need for in-depth Thread inDucting& Matter development, and cycle time and accelerating time-to-market.

We provide you with

Vertical multi-cloud adaptation capabilities on top of a superior network layer to help your devices quickly access multi-cloud multi-ecologies

Works with Matter

HooRiOS provides a one-stop Matter delivery capability, working closely with certification labs to have the most advanced Matter testing and certification workflow in mainland China


Works with

HarmonyOS Connect

Products equipped with HooRiOS can be empowered by HarmonyOS, with the ability to switch from single SKU to multi-ecology

Works with Andlink

HooRiOS connects to China Mobile's Andlink smart home ecosystem through a proprietary protocol, providing full end-side and side-side coverage


HooRiOS Core Capabilities 


Provide global market interoperability for Thread, Matter and other rich categories


Cross-ecological ecological support, such as Matter, Google Home Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo Hongmeng, operator platforms, etc.


Meet Telink, Nordic, Silicon Labs, and other domestic and international mainstream chip and core selection

High flexibility

Software capabilities are packaged at static library granularity to support multiple scenarios of pluggable component design

Secure mass production delivery

No need for cloud communication to verify software and hardware legitimacy, anti-theft and anti-collusion

HooRii's own communication protocol

Automatic discovery of neighboring devices, instant networking, intelligent fusion, and group intelligence

Low power consumption at the terminal

Provides the same IPv6 access capability at one-tenth the power of WiFi

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