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HAT31 And HRT31 Modules Passed Thread 1.3.0 Certification

After the HRN71 module passed Thread1.3, two HAT31 and HRT31 modules based on Telink platform's TLSR9218 chip have also officially passed Thread 1.3.0 certification.

HAT31 is compact in size, can be used for low-power sensors, compatible with internal and external antennas, and features low power consumption, high integration, and sufficient on-chip resources.

HAT31 Thread 1.3.0 Certification

HRT31 can be used for smart home small size category, rich peripheral interface, can be connected with many terminal devices, sensors to use, to meet the needs of the internet of things applications.

HRT31 Thread 1.3.0 Certification

Thread is a wireless near-field communication protocol under the matter application layer. Unlike wi-fi, thread is used more in low-power accessories and sensors, such as light bulbs, switches, sockets, body sensors, etc.

Thread 1.3.0 is the latest iteration of the thread wireless networking protocol. It supports seamless response across matter devices. It also enables easier field firmware updates and improves the overall scalability, reliability and stability of thread networks.

With thread 1.3.0, users can more easily connect, configure and use their matter devices and experience a more powerful, faster and more reliable network.

The HAT31 and HRT31 modules are also equipped with HooRiiOS, a system developed by HooRii Tech, which supports application layer capabilities including matter over thread and LWM2M over thread. HooRiiOS reduces the development cost for device manufacturers and improves the baseline of software delivery for customers from the original chip manufacturers.

HooRii Tech is committed to bringing cutting-edge smart home solutions that are universally used around the world to the IoT market. Currently, the company provides end-side, side-side, software and hardware thread solutions, which have helped dozens of end-device manufacturers achieve thread technology upgrades.

Towards the end of the year, HooRii Tech received a lot of good news, and several modules passed Thread 1.3.0 certification, further strengthening its position in the matter over thread field. In the future, HooRii Tech will launch more modules and solutions to match the industry applications and create new products to contribute more to matter over thread.

Please leave a comment to learn more about thread1.3.0 certification and matter over thread solutions, and we look forward to working with you.


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