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Solution Description

With the advanced design concept of using lights as a carrier, the powerful Smart IoT OpenThread communication connection technology and precise room sensing technology, combined with smart hardware, provide offices with more energy-efficient, stable, easy-to-use, low-co Intelligent and efficient energy management services and energy efficiency management services for offices.


Program Advantages


Easy to retrofit

The traditional wiring for central control and other methods can be easily replaced without changing the original wiring, making the retrofit cycle shorter and the new experience faster.



Connected + IoT makes it possible to control lights anywhere, bringing environmental parameters online, temperature, humidity, air quality, light and darkness under control.


Energy saving

The intelligent lighting strategy avoids the primitive and crude management of traditional light control systems, allowing light to be distributed according to demand and energy to be put where it is needed.


Stable and reliable

The advanced OpenThread communication technology provides high throughput, low latency and low power consumption in the light control process, making the response more agile and stable.


green lighting

The new scientifically advanced luminaires make the light comfortable and bright, close to the color rendering effect of daylight, avoiding the light pollution problems caused by old lamps such as dazzling and blinding.

Technical Architecture

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