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Empowerment service

Hezhong Technology empowers various manufacturers with OpenThread in the form of hardware and software, providing OpenThread near-field communication capabilities, China Mobile OneNET platform certification and terminal access capabilities.


Gateway product empowerment

Support the standardized empowerment of multi-platform OpenThread converged gateways such as MTK and QSDK


The world's first industrial gateway to compile and run OpenThread in the MTK SoC solution

Hoo Max (internal number) smart industrial gateway, built-in 5G and 4G Internet access modules, has the ability to convert cellular networks to RJ45 output, external high-gain external antennas, providing star-shaped, mesh-shaped and other forms of Mesh structure coverage Ability to provide a solid foundation for OpenThread network disaster recovery deployment, ensuring that the deployment environment "never goes offline".

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The world's first router to compile OpenThread Border Router in Qualcomm's QSDK solution

Hoo Q5 (internal number) smart home router, its concept is All-In-One Router, that is, two sets of self-organizing networks, Wi-Fi5 Mesh and OpenThread, are built in the same network laying equipment at the same time, covering the Internet and the Internet of Things. The signal greatly reduces the entry barrier for ordinary users of the Internet of Things, and at the same time brings a better experience.

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The world's first router to compile and run OpenThread in the MTK Wi-Fi 6 solution

Hoo M6 (internal number) smart home router, its concept is All-In-One Router, that is, two self-organizing networks of WiFi -6Mesh and Thread are built in the same network laying equipment at the same time, covering the Internet and Internet of Things signals at the same time , Which greatly reduces the entry threshold of the Internet of Things for ordinary users, and at the same time brings a better user experience.

Gateway product empowerment

Support multiple OpenThread terminal empowerment such as smoke alarm, gas detector, ink screen, etc.

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Rii S1T Smart Smoke Sense

The smoke sensor natively supports OpenThread network transmission, which is complementary to the NB-IoT smoke sensor interconnection. Each device has the ability to accurately control IP, and also has the ability to expand and self-repair the local control. The device data and existing NB-IoT inventory devices Converge together on the OneNET cloud platform, unified display and unified management and control, to fill the gap in the needs of operators in ICT projects

Rii D1T cloud screen

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The screen natively supports OpenThread network transmission, making low-power smart advertising screens possible. Each screen has the ability to upgrade and downgrade the role of the network, that is, expand the network coverage when the signal is sent and received, so as to take into account the needs of network coverage and low power consumption, and ensure that there are no dead spots in the signal. The screen is available in 2.7 inches, 5.83 inches, 7.5 inches and other sizes, and the display colors are black and white, black and white red, and seven colors, which are perfectly integrated with the tissue treasure device and its advertising platform


Hezhong Technology and China Mobile Hangzhou Company launched a pilot project of OpenThread and NB-IoT integration in Hangzhou

Hezhong Technology has completed the first OpenThread and NB-IoT integrated smoke sensing pilot in the China Mobile system in the underground parking lot of a resettlement housing community in Xiaoshan, and Hezhong Technology has realized the interconnection, intercommunication and complementarity of OpenThread and NB-IoT. Perfectly meets the needs of operators' ICT projects


In-depth cooperation with Zhijinbao to empower smart toilet media

In the in-depth cooperation with Zhijinbao, Hezhong Technology has designed an expansion board with OpenThread boundary routing capability for Zhijinbao, allowing Zhijinbao to flexibly add IoT coverage capabilities according to business needs, and build the OpenThread electronic ink screen into Zhijinbao. The best hardware carrier for the public space media scene in the bathroom. Zhijinbao and Hezhong Technology plan to produce at least 100k OpenThread electronic ink screens by September 2021.