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HooRii Technology HRN71 Module Certifies Thread 1.3

The HooRii HRN71 module is Thread1.3 certified and is based on the nRF52840 chip from the Nordic platform, which features ultra-low power consumption, ultra-small package, reliable and stable performance. By using this module, device manufacturers can directly inherit the Thread 1.3 certification and accelerate the speed of product launch.

Thread 1.3.0 Certification

Thread 1.3.0 is the latest version of the thread protocol and is not only backwards compatible with Thread1.1 and Thread1.2, but also supports things like standardisation of thread border routers, simpler field firmware updates and adds enhancements that improve the overall scalability, reliability and stability of thread networks.

More importantly, thread 1.3.0 adds support for the matter standard. With matter over thread, users have an IP-based network that enables low-power, long-range usage scenarios.

Achieving Thread1.3.0 certification is a prerequisite for matter certification. For manufacturers, this Thread1.3.0 certified module will simplify the development and certification process for matter devices.

Unlike other Thread 1.3.0 certified modules, this HRN71 module is compatible with HooRiiOS, HooRiiOS is a commercial distribution system developed by HooRii Technology with multi-core and cross-platform features.

HooRiiOS offers "development-free matter firmware" for a range of device categories, allowing manufacturers to quickly build matter commercial products with simple configuration and debugging. HooRiiOS currently supports electricians, lighting and curtain motors, with more categories to come.

Product realisation method

HooRii Technology is a solution provider specialising in thread technology, chairman of the Thread Group China and a key contributor to the matter organisation.HooRii Technology has developed a number of matter over thread solutions and helped dozens of terminal equipment manufacturers to upgrade their thread technology.

Please leave a comment to learn more about Thread1.3.0 certification and matter over thread solutions, and we look forward to working with you.


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