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HooRii Technology empowers device manufacturers,Matter products officially enter mass production

Recently, the first batch of Matter customers empowered by HooRii Technology were officially mass-produced, marking a step from the research and development stage to the mass production stage, bringing Matter devices one step closer to entering consumer homes on a large scale.

Motor assembly Matter is an emerging protocol in the smart home space, operating on the application layer on top of communication protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread. As a new application layer protocol, Matter can break down ecological barriers between brands and is IP-based, secure and reliable, interoperable and simple to configure.

Since the birth of the Matter concept in 2019, the Matter protocol has received full support from major technology companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung in just a few years, and the first official version was released in 2022.

The emergence of Matter has unified the fragmented IoT ecosystem, forming an inclusive network that supports communication between devices of different brands and truly interconnects the smart home across platforms, clouds and protocols.

The new IoT landscape also brings a more profound industrial upgrade. Unlike previous production models, Matter devices require more complex and rigorous testing and production standards, posing a considerable challenge to all aspects of Matter product mass production.

Matter Module Production Running through the Matter production process requires going through communication layer development, application layer development, technical testing, product certification and mass production testing. In order to adapt to the new R&D and production model, HooRii Technology has been launched and applied to accelerate the progress of Matter devices from R&D to mass production.

HooRiiOS is a commercial distribution operating system developed by HooRii Technology for the smart home sector, combining Thread technology, Matter technology and various IoT open ecological technologies on multi-core and multi-SoC, which can be applied to end devices and edge devices, enabling device manufacturers to access the mainstream open ecological platforms more quickly and completely.

HooRiiOS integrates a large amount of official code in an easy-to-use package, lowering the barrier of access for application developers, who can complete complex Matter applications with just a few API calls in practice.

HooRiiOS also provides proven template applications for mainstream Matter devices, further reducing the development effort of device manufacturers. For some simple device categories, manufacturers can simply configure HooRiiOS and get a prototype product, thus achieving "zero development".

HooRiiOS Architecture A more unified application layer also brings higher specifications and more detailed standards, and admittedly the testing requirements for Matter are more stringent than previous application protocols, making it difficult for many manufacturers planning to produce Matter devices to "get started".

HooRiiOS offers Matter automated testing tools and services that can reduce the cost of product development for device manufacturers, increase product quality and improve efficiency.

Matter has higher requirements for information security than previous application protocols, so DAC is also an integral part of the process of Matter devices from development to mass production. HooRiiOS helps Matter devices to complete batch generation and burn-in of DAC during the mass production stage by building its own PKI system and providing supporting mass production tools.

DAC Generation Tool Faced with the new industry standard, how to transform technology into products is the difficulty in front of many enterprises. As the whole Matter ecosystem is still in its infancy, many of the first batch of manufacturers do not understand the production and testing process of Matter devices, and HooRii Technology has taken the lead in running through the production and testing process of Matter devices to help enterprises to overcome the difficulties of mass production.

Motor sampling As the first company to enter the Matter ecosystem, HooRii Technology not only has a feature-rich HooRiiOS that covers a wide range of devices, but also has accumulated a large number of Matter-certified and Thread-certified digital assets and rich experience in R&D, certification and testing, which can quickly enable device manufacturers to mass-produce Matter devices.

As one of the official communication protocols supported by Matter, Thread is complementary to Wi-Fi and has excellent performance in near-field communication, with advantages such as safety and reliability, no single point of failure, simple connection and low power consumption. The underlying IPv6-based architecture allows for interoperability with Wi-Fi under the Matter application layer, enabling true interconnection of everything, and its technical features are ideal for accessories, battery-powered devices and more.

With the launch of Matter, Thread is set to become the new standard for smart homes and smart buildings, and will play an important role in near-field communications, a wireless communication protocol for the new era of the Internet of Things, which will be highlighted in future near-field communication applications.

More device manufacturers will join Matter in the future, and it is believed that the mass production of Matter devices will continue to accelerate, allowing more consumers to have access to Matter devices. HooRiiOS and HooRii Technology will continue to contribute to the development of the IoT ecosystem and make the convenience of IoT available to more smart buildings and smart homes.

About HooRii Technology

HooRii Technology is the Chinese founder of Thread technology, a near-field communications specialist that provides the most advanced one-stop IoT solutions for global premium brands. Internationally, HooRii Technology is a key contributor and member of the Thread and Matter protocol organizations, as well as the Chairman of the Thread organization in China and the driving force behind the commercialization of Thread and Matter technologies in China.


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