One device to solve the whole house Wi-Fi+IoT
Achieve the whole house smart interconnection

The Hoo1.0 smart home router adopts Wi-Fi 5 Mesh networking to provide faster speed, higher Internet efficiency, and effectively reduce network congestion. Multiple Mesh routers are perfectly matched and work together to eliminate signal blind spots. Even if you increase the number of device connections, it will not slow down the connection speed. Easily meet the coverage needs of large flat-floor apartments, duplexes, villas and other family residences, and truly achieve good signals everywhere.


The ultimate online experience starts with Hoo


Hoo series smart home router adopts

Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology

Allow multiple terminals to communicate in parallel at the same time

Multiple mobile phones and multiple computers surf the Internet at the same time

Higher networking efficiency for each terminal


Gigabit 2.4G/5G dual-band concurrent

Effectively enhance signal transmission power

Improve signal receiving sensitivity

Signal transmission distance is longer

Better through the wall

Wider coverage


The most stable in the world

When a device of the Ad Hoc Networking Technology moves between multiple Hoo smart home routers

Can automatically switch to better

Wi-Fi network

Achieve seamless roaming throughout the house


AC1300 wireless + 1000M wired

Multi-channel high-speed mixed transmission
QualcommDAKOTA4 core

4 independent signal amplifiers, seamless Wi-Fi coverage of the whole house

One Wi-Fi name in the whole house, multiple routers automatically switch to continuous network

Hoo Smart Home Router combines the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands into one Wi-Fi name display, combined with Band Steering channel navigation technology, automatically guides dual-band terminals to access frequency bands with better signals and less interference, so that home users no longer Tangled in frequency band selection.

When the device moves between multiple Hoo smart home routers, it can automatically switch to a better Wi-Fi network to achieve seamless roaming throughout the house.


Your home can be smarter

Lie in bed and open your curtains. While enjoying breakfast, select the clothes and accessories in the closet on the App, turn on your rice cooker remotely in the office, turn on your heating equipment on the way after get off work, and help you with the courier in both hands to open the door The door lights up the lights in the house, real-time sensing of abnormal conditions such as water leakage, electricity leakage, and air leakage throughout the house, and pushes them to your smart phone...

These, let Hoo Smart Home Router help you achieve it.


*At present, the Hoo1.0 smart home router has entered the China Mobile Smart Home Alliance, and the Rii series of smoke detector kits and other terminal devices have been fully integrated and cooperated with China Mobile's OneNet platform.