​Hoo Max Industrial Gateway

Experience the revolution of commercial and industrial IoT  with HooRii's Openthread industrial gateway.

Hoo Max industrial gateway has a built-in 4G  module, can convert cellular networks to RJ45 output. The built-in high-gain external antennas enable the mesh network with star-shaped, mesh-shaped and other forms of Mesh structure to support the best Mesh network coverage. The gateway provides a solid foundation for OpenThread network redundancy deployment, ensuring that the mesh network "never goes offline".

​Native support for Thread

​The best support for OpenThread application in industrial scenarios

Dynamic network self-repairing capabilities

Even if a single point of failure of the gateway is encountered, the terminal can still communicate through other working gateways in the network. As the number of gateways increases, the network benefits better network capacity and robustness.

High scalability

Single gateway supports 64/200/500 sub-terminals

Local network management capabilities

The whole system supports IPv6, and the gateway can be triggered by local events, providing solid support for customized applications.

Multiple access methods

Support 4G, Wi-Fi and network cable connection, The system dynamically choose the best connection mode to use.

Support massive category end-device connection

Such as lighting devices, sensors and controllers.

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Application scenario