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Ultimate Smart Home Router

Good signal, no dead ends

Multiple Mesh routers are perfectly matched and work together to eliminate signal blind spots.
Say goodbye to the dilemma that traditional routers often have signal blind spots.
Easily meet the coverage needs of large flat-floor houses, duplexes, villas and other family houses,
There are good signals everywhere.

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Hoo1.0 Smart Home Router

Gigabit 2.4G/5G dual-band concurrency│full Gigabit Ethernet port Qualcomm quad-core four-thread CPU full built-in antenna
MU-MIMO technology accelerates Wi-Fi│Full support for Thread
512M large memory│ Wi-Fi & low-power IoT simultaneous coverage


Get ready to let the internet speed up


2.4G & 5G dual-band concurrent wireless rate up to 1267Mbps
Enjoy extremely fast Internet experience throughout the house


Support the world's most advanced near-field IoT communication technology-Thread
Lay a solid foundation for the realization of IoT


Hoo 1.0 Smart Home Router is the first to support IPv6
Larger address space, broader application scenarios
IPv6 will gradually become the foundation of the Internet of Everything in the future

Automatic networking at any location

The Hoo Smart Home Router will select the optimal networking method according to the link conditions of the network, and multiple routers can automatically network.
If the routing equipment in the network changes, the Hoo smart home router can actively re-network to ensure your best online experience.


about us

HooRii and Ruizhilian are the absolute leaders in China's Thread IoT communication technology.

He Rui Zhilian focuses on bringing the world's most advanced near-field IoT communication technology Thread to China , and is the leader of Thread in the Asia-Pacific region.

He Ruizhilian is not only the founder of Thread technology in China, but also the first promoter of Thread IoT products in China.

We are one of the founding members of Thread China Alliance

We will work with China Mobile Smart Home Alliance to write Thread product warehousing specifications

We are long-term partners of many famous companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Alibaba, etc.

Thread China


In order to promote and implement the application and popularization of Thread technology in the Chinese market, the Thread China Alliance was established in 2020.

Important members include China Mobile, Zhejiang Welik Communications Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Herui Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., Lierda Technology Group Co., Ltd., Scitech Electronics Co., Ltd. and Norwegian Nordic Semiconductor.

Thread China is committed to allowing more Chinese families to experience the convenience of "all smart devices working together", and to provide a professional foundation and professional foundation for the efficient operation, high automation and high safety of commercial buildings, medical care, hotels and school facilities and equipment. stand by.



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